Infographic Competition

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual way to display data or information that makes it easy to understand at a glance. It can take the form of a chart, diagram, or illustration, and usually involves minimal text.


IEEE Pakistan Membership Stats

The membership stats for all three sections is available at this link:


  • This competition is open to all Students and Professionals.
  • You must be registered for IEEE PSYWC’17.
  • One team can consist of max 3 members.


Short listing will be done by the section representative and informed via email. Final judging will be at PSYWC’17.

Judging criteria

  • Design: Visual Appeal (25)
  • Quality of Content: Accuracy and Validity of Data/Information Presented (25)
  • Knowledge Transfer Potential: Presentation of complex subjects in a easy to understand format
  • Originality: content presented in an innovative format


  • The Poster Size must be A3 with 500 pixels/inch or 500 DPI.
  • Submissions has to be made in JPG/JPEG Formats.

Note: Visual Design is part of the judging criteria so put those design skills to use! We want something we can share with the world.


  • 1 team can submit multiple entries.
  • The Posters (JPG/JPEG) has to be submitted via link given below.
  • Participants must bring the A3 Colored Print Poster of the poster they submitted.

Note: If submitted & printed posters are different, that participant will be disqualified immediately.


11:59 PM, Saturday, 7th October, 2017